Established in 2005, Mushroom Media is a boutique digital Post-Production facility located in Bryanston, Johannesburg. Focused on the commercials, feature film and online content markets, we are equipped to handle the full spectrum of the post-production process from offline, grade and online finishing as well as final mastering.

Close client relationships and personal attention represents our company’s unique approach. We only employ and collaborate with experts in their fields, to provide creative craftsmanship that sets our work apart.

At Mushroom Media we have a love of technology but we also believe in quality and creative solutions that solve our clients business problems.

We thrive on challenges and believe that partnerships will always produce the best results.


Our team are supremely experienced in post-production and finishing of high-end TV commercials. Our professional artists are seasoned at crafting offline and manage agency and client requirements on tight deadlines.


Over the last twelve years, we have managed and finished numerous feature films, and continue to be the post-production facility of choice for local feature films. A powerful infrastructure allows for seamless communication between offline, grade, online as well as mastering. This promotes times efficiencies as well as maintaining quality thresholds at international standards.


We focus on delivering QUALITY content that stands out from the rest of the stream. With customised packages to suit most budgets, we can help you create content that is compelling and effective in a short amount of time.

We offer world-class, creative motion design, all levels of animation in 2D and 3D spaces as well as creative concept development that can bring your content to life.


We have multiple machines that draw from a centralised storage pool that allows for fast collaboration between multiple artists and editors.

A series production is about volume of material and speed. We design a custom workflow around each series in order to best meet your deadlines without compromising on quality.


We offer scalable teams of highly skilled Animators to fit any brief. Whether illustrative 2D animation or complex 3D character development we create crafted animation that accommodates budget and time.


We have vast experience in all aspects of visual effects and compositing in the Commercial and Feature Film markets. Our talented compositors can tackle any shot, whether it is delicate skin painting, keying, rig removals or 3D integration with 2D plates. We craft impressive visual experiences for any format.


We have a love for technology and it’s ability to provide audiences with deeper experiences. We are constantly looking to harness exciting new experiential opportunities in the VR space.

We have full VR production and post-production workflows in place and are ready to take the VR experience to the next level.